Patient Services

Patient Education

Education is an integral aspect of patient care. We utilize many of the following features to educate our patient on the nature of their injuries to encourage proper self care to during daily activities.

Wrist/Hand Rehabilitation

Our team of physical therapists are qualified to treat traumatic injuries and overuse syndromes of the forearms, wrists and hands.

Therapeutic Modalities

Cervical/Pelvic-Traction-Ultrasound-Hand/Foot and Extremity Whirlpools-Thermal Agents- including cryotherapy-Electric Stimulation (micro, russian, pre-modulated, biphasic, interferential, TENS, high volt pulse current)

Work Simulation

In order to return patients safety back to work, we simulate specific work conditions. Our patients are given feedback/instructions in proper body mechanics and techniques to minimize unnecessary strain or reinjury when returning to work.

Advance Evaluation Tools

In addition to the common clinical tools, we utilize state of the art equipment to collect objective data that allows an accurate and thorough evaluation and assessment of each patient.

Lift Capacity Test Station

Participant is evaluated on six integrated, progressive subtests that measure lift capacity from monitoring, high risk work style measurement and biomechanical safety guidelines, optimum safety is provided.