Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinic

First Physical and Functional Rehabilitation prides itself on having highly educated physical therapy experts trained in orthopedic dysfunction. The physical therapists are continuously pursuing educational programs as mandated by the facility to stay up-to-date with treatment techniques and philosophy. Our physical therapists are trained in manual techniques such as joint mobilizations, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and therapeutic exercise to help with all types of orthopedic pathologies. Individuals suffering from back, neck, or extremity pain are encouraged to seek out our services. All treatments are individually designed for the patient. While our physical therapists utilize their knowledge and techniques to manage painful symptoms, they are highly concerned with addressing the root cause(s) of the orthopedic issue to prevent exacerbations and recurrences.

Work Conditioning & Work Hardening Equipped Facility

This facility is an establishment for individuals with work-related injuries to come for strength & endurance exercise. This facility is designed like a gym, except the equipment in it is completely geared towards work-related or functionally-related injury recovery. The equipment consists of the latest state-of-the-art low-impact technology designed to prevent further wear on arthritic joints, recovery post surgery, and post non-surgically related injuries. The free-weights are lighter than those found in a regular gym, thereby alleviating the chances of injury. By functional or work-related exercising, the participant will not feel out-of-place, or embarrassed in our clinic as they progress towards work-related goals. This suited environment will allow for a more efficacious health program for the individual to achieve his or her health/functional goals.

As a participant in our fitness facility, patients will have access to all of the work-conditioning related equipment and physical therapy experts with years of experience. The latter is a great advantage of the facility. By having physical therapy experts (we have physical therapists with many years of experience, some have obtained their doctorate of physical therapy) on-site, enrollees can ask questions and have their workouts modified or advanced in a safe manner. Other clinics that only offer personal trainers tend to lack the education in musculoskeletal pathologies and cardiovascular physiology necessary to prevent harm to high-risk patients. It is recommended that individuals completing their rehabilitation from an injury continue to pursue their improvement in strength and range of motion under the guided expertise of our facility. This will enhance future injury prevention as clients will have continual care from our experts in physical therapy through their recovery process.