Massage Therapy / Manual Therapy

What can be treated?

Tension Headaches, Migranes, Soft Tissue Pain, Myofacial Pain Syndrome, Epicondylitis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Fibro Myalgia, Lower Back Pain, Shoulder & Neck Pain, etc.

Hoffa Method - A 100 Year Old Manual Therapy

Hoffa Method is a German type of manual therapy that dates back to a hundred years. Developed by Dr. Hoffa to treat soft tissue pain syndromes and dysfunctioning joints/muscles, it is today a treatment commonly used in German Rehab hospitals. It is a clinical resolution technique targeted solely on the source of the pain free and fit for duty in the shortest possible time. The target is not to relx the patient, but to make the patient pain free. That said, it needs to be clarified that the application of these manipulations is not always pain free. Though, trained therapists are able to keep the discomfort in an intensity, that the patient will experience as a healing pain.
This unique therapy in Hawaii is exclusively used at our clinics since 2003 and ever since there has been great success.


This technique is based on the fact that due to overuse, misuse (repetitive movement), muscles are shortening and stay hyper contracted, which put a strong pull on the origin and insertion of muscles, like epicondylitis (tennis elbow), adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder syndrome). The constant contraction of the muscle results in lack of circulation, which results in more contraction of more muscle groups and the building of myogelosis (trigger points). These "trigger points" themselves can squeeze up arteries ad capillaries, which causes "sleepy hands". They also can irritate nerves and cause numbness, and radiculpathy in extremities. Due to lack of arterial blood flow, the fascia (connective tissue) will get adhesive and constricted too. Therefore, reducing circulation and restricting range of motion even more.

The Hoffa Method is able to break through this vicious circle by treating muscle and fascia during the same treatment. The therapist is lifting, rolling, and wringing the soft tissues (sometimes described by patients as "pinching" in the beginning), to activate the stretching sensors in muscles. Because the muscle will feel like it is in danger of rupture, the stretching sensor will send a message to the central nerve system to relax the treated area. The adrenal gland will be stimulated to produce noradrenalin (happy hormon), histamine and acetylcholine will be excreted to dilate blood and lymphatic vessels to transport venous blood and old cell residues away.

Strong increase of arterial blood flow (oxygen rich) will help rebuild muscles to normal strength, length and functioning, and the fascia will give up its tight grip. Because the technique causes the same chemical reaction in muscle cells as a vigorous workout, (often measurable for hours after the treatment), the client will experience the next day with some muscle soreness. It depends on the physical condition of the patient on how intensive this soreness will be felt. But this phenomenon will only be experienced after the first or second manipulation, and the soreness will disappear after the third treatment.

Hoffa "Medical Massage" Technique

Dr. Hoffa developed his Medical Massage technique to treat soft tissue pain syndromes and dysfunctional joints/muscles. The main objective of this massage technique is to resolve the cause of the pain. Lifting, rolling, and wringing the tissues will activate the stretching sensors in the muscles and manually pump fluid into tight tissue and joints. Our massage therapists have been trained to help relax, rebuilding, and reenergize myo-fascia to normal strength, length, and functioning ability.